Hair Curling With Straighteners

Hair Curling With Straighteners

At the moment I am really trying to make more of an effort with my hair and one of the things that I have always loved the look of but never been able  do is curling my hair with straighteners. I already have some amazing hair curlers which I know exactly how to use and I love the look that they give. But I think that curling with straighteners gives a lovely different look that is maybe a bit more natural. 

You can’t even begin to imagine the number of video tutorials I have watched on how to do this, but I think that everyone does it slightly differently so I was always getting confused. I’ve tried this in the past but failed miserably and so this is the first time that I have stuck with it and done all of my hair. I know it’s not perfect at all and I have a lot of practicing to do but I really like the way that this looks. And I think that if I keep trying it then hopefully it will only get better and better. 

I actually wore this hairstyle out to a party so here is a seflie that I took were you can see my hair and makeup 🙂 


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