18th Boat Trip Down The Thames

18th Boat Trip Down The Thames

I did say it was going to be all about the 18th parties once exams had finished! However this one was a little different than you typical 18th party. On Tuesday evening I went up to London to meet the group of friends and the birthday girl (I think you can tell this would be a girls party!). After getting the tube we walked to the boat where we were shown to our tables right at the back of the boat with the best view.

I don’t normally go out for really posh dinners as I’m such a fussy eater and it’s not really worth it. However I was really adventurous and it actually paid off because I thought the food was a amazing. I had two starters one of which was this incredible warm pea soup. My main was like a very fancy chicken roast (which is one of my favourite meals anyway). And then we had two dessert, naturally both of mine were quite heavy on the chocolate!

I also though that this post would be a great way to show you guys my new dress. The dress is from New Look which is one of the places that I don’t shop a lot at anymore. I saw this on the website a month ago and just fell in love with it and then when it came I loved it even more because it was such nice fabric, a lot thicker than I was expecting and also the dress is slightly textured. I also paired it with my old prom heels which are getting a little bit old now. However because we were getting the train and walking around London a bit I ended up only really wearing my new pumps, which are so beautiful and I think I’ll show you in a post pretty soon.

New Look dress – click here

Hope you all like this outfit post, they seem to be going quite well at the moment but if you want to see more beauty reviews or something else feel free to let me know in the comments below. 🙂 xx



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