Excuses For The Lack Of Posts

Excuses For The Lack Of Posts

One of the very few pictures I took in Spain

I wanted this post to be a little life update as well as letting everyone know why I have been gone for a week or so. Things have been and still are totally crazy around here at the moment. As some of you may know last weekend was my School speech day and Prom which was so much fun. I don’t want to say anything more about my Prom as I am hoping to do a whole post on it so I can show you my dress and stuff, but at the moment I am just waiting for a couple of friends to send me some photos.

On the Sunday, the day after my prom I had very little time to pack everything up before heading off to the airport with my bestfriends for Spain. I was hoping to do a post all about how to pack for a beach holiday but I honestly only had about 2 hours to get anything ready and shower let alone take photos and write a post. The holiday itself was so much fun though, the weather was really good and I spend the majority of the time sunbathing while reading a book or listening to my iPod, just how summer should be really! We went to the beach one day and a water park another day and in the evening we wondered around pretty towns and markets. On our last evening we went on a party tour bus for a bar crawl around Magaluf. I’m still only 17 so this was the first time I had ever been clubbing, and obviously going to Magaluf was throwing myself in the deep end a bit. It was a interesting night that I am glad I experienced but I think that clubbing isn’t really my thing! I felt uncomfortable and awkward for most of the evening and while I love dancing and there was a lot of opportunity for that I also found that my personal bubble was invaded rather too much. I know that I’m only a teenager and we are meant to love partying or whatever but I think that I would choose a pj night, painting my nails and watching Netflix over clubbing any day! But I’m not a loser, promise! 😉

I didn’t manage to take very many photos of my holiday in Spain partly because it probably wouldn’t be very interesting as all I did was sunbathe! Also I didn’t want to take my good camera so I took a much older small one which turned out to be so much worse that I remembered! Most of the photos that I did take where on my iPhone so if you want to see some of them then check out my Instagram here.

I arrived back from Spain very late last night/this morning after a stressful day of being kicked out of our hotel room early, not having showered, late buses and delayed flights. Today has been somewhat as stressful as I woke up early this morning to shove my clothes in the wash and start packing for my holiday to Paris with my boyfriend. I’m super excited as we have planned lots of trip and things we want to see. My list includes climbing the Eiffel Tower, wearing stripes, eating a croissant in a little cafe and visiting a French pharmacy to pick up lots of French beauty products! I’m taking my good camera on this holiday so hopefully I will manage to take lots of picture to share with you when I get back. And at the moment my boyfriend is one of the very few people who I have told about my blog so hopefully I can get him to take a few outfit of the day pictures for me without him thinking I’m crazy.

Some of my clothes have only just dried so I am going to put them in my suitcase and then I’m going over to my boyfriends tonight as we are waking up at about 4am tomorrow to make our flight. And with Magaluf, the flight last night and the early morning start I am running on a ridiculously small amount of sleep! I think I am just going to get to bed really early tonight so that I am all ready for Paris. And with the World Cup Final tonight (which I really don’t care about!) it’s not like my presence will be missed anyway! 😛 

I probably won’t be able to write another post now until I get back from Paris in 5 days which makes me sound like such a bad blogger, sorry guys. But thank you for sticking with me and still reading my blog, I really appreciate it. When I checked my bloglovin’ this morning having not done so for a week I found I had gained several new and beautiful followers which just made me so happy, so thank you to all of you. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer, speak soon 🙂 xx 



  1. July 13, 2014 / 5:06 pm

    I can see you had a lot of fun! 🙂 I'm not a clubbing girl too and I don't really feel bad about it, actually I enjoy it :b

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

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