Four Days In Paris

Four Days In Paris

Late 2 nights ago I arrived back from four days in Paris with my boyfriend. I had never been to Paris before but it was beautiful, especially with the gorgeous weather and I had such a lovely timeike I promised in my last post I did take my good camera I managed to get loads of really lovely shots. So I thought I would do (probably quite a long!) post all about my trip and what I saw in Paris. As we were only there for a short period of time and there was so much that we wanted to see, Jack my wonderful boyfriend had planned the different sights that we would see each day as well as all of the metro routes, so I think it would be easiest to divided this post up into what I did each day and then shares the photos that we took with you.

Day 1:
On the first day we woke up very early to catch our flight and then take the train to our hotel for just before midday. After arriving we went out for a quick lunch were I can hands down say that I had the best chips I have ever tasted in my life before making our way to La Louvre. It was such a hot day and we wondered around around all the different galleries and seeing all of the beautiful paintings and statues. I think my favourite thing to see was the interior of the building itself with all of the beautiful wall and ceiling art. Then of course we pushed our way through the crowds to see the Mona Lisa which was amazing, I just didn’t realise how small it actually was!
We then we back to the hotel room to unpack and freshen up before heading out to dinner for a cheese fondant, which is apparently a must when in Paris. I think that nearly every single meal that I had in Paris consisted of some format of bread and cheese! After dinner we walked to the Eiffel Tower to see the fireworks for the French Interdependence Day. And even though we got there a little too late to get a really good view they were still amazing, although they were very difficult to catch on my camera.

 Our main mode of transport

 People put padlocks all over the bridges and I think it looks beautiful

 Amazing view from the Bridge 

 La Louvre
 Beautiful interior inside the Louvre

 Mona Lisa!


 Keep posing! 

 Streets of Paris

 Pretty flowers

 Cheese Fondant time!

 Fireworks by the Eiffel Tower (which is just behind the building on the left!)

Day 2:
After waking up early for our flight and going to bed very late after some difficulties getting home after the fireworks we decided to have a bit of a lazy morning. We woke up late and then went to a little bakery place up the road from our hotel to pick up some breakfast. We each had a croissant and a pan au chocolat which were honestly the best I have ever tasted, so that was exactly what we had for breakfast everyday for the rest of the holiday! Around midday we went to Notre Dame, but we didn’t bother to go inside as the queue was so long and after taking a few photos we walked back to the gardens around the Louvre. We also went to a few little market in the area near by and being a scarf obsessive I had to buy a scarf. For different we went back to the restaurant opposite the one that we went to the night before which looked nice, but I was a little disappointed with my pasta.

Notre Dame
My personal tour guide (look at that concentrating face!)
Nutella Crepes were so amazing
We couldn’t go to Paris and not put up our own padlock!
I spy a little Sephora bag… 😉

Day 3:
The third day was our busy day and we got up in good time to head over to the Eiffel Tower. It was the hottest day but we decided to walk up anyway, it did make me realise that I probably need to start running again though! We were hoping to go up to the very top of the Eiffel Tower but there was something wrong with the lifts that day and we didn’t know how long we would be waiting around for so we decided to give it a miss. And anyway, you can see from the pictures how amazing the view was from the second floor. After having some lunch and a little rest in a park nearby and declining a rather expensive ride on a bike thing to Champs Elysees we made the long walk there. We were both very tired and hot and we had run out of water and on top of all that I was also desperate for the toilet. We finally made it to the Champs Elysees and had the most amazing ice cream at the Haagen Dazs restaurant. After we did a little bit of shopping before reaching the Arc De Triomphe and then heading back to the hotel. In the evening we got all dressed up and then headed to Bastille in search for a restaurant that Jack’s Paris Guide claimed to have the best steak in France. After over half an hour of wondering we found out that not only did the restaurant not exist anymore but neither did the road it was on. We found another posh restaurant and had a lovely meal there though, it was just a little lateer than expected!

View from the second floor
I think I found the climb a little harder than I should have done!
On the long walk to the Champs Elysees
Selfie in our smarter clothes for dinner
The lace mint dress that I wore

Day 4:
On the last day of our holiday we got up, packed and signed out of our hotel room. We then headed to the Sacre Coeur which was so beatiful, although I wasn’t allowed to take any photos inside. We then wondered around the markets in the area and looked at all of the street art before having lunch in a cute little cafe. After lunch to cool down as again it was super hot we sat in the shade outside the Sacre Coeur and ended up falling asleep for a good hour before waking up and heading back to our hotel. Before we went back to our hotel be bought a cold drink for the super market and sat on the edge of a fountain watching all of the little children playing in the water and it was just the cutest thing. Then we headed back to the hotel to freshen up and pick up our bags before going to the airport and catching the plane home.

Sacre Coeur
At lunch in the market
Standing on a thing that blows up cold air outside Moulin Rouge!

I had such an amazing time on my quick trip to Paris and I managed to see and do all of the things I wanted to as well as being blessed with amazing weather. I would like to thank Jack for planning the trip and being so patient with me when I was ill and grumpy. I would also like to thank him for in the period of four days allowing me to drag him in about 15 French Pharmicies in search of a list of particular products that I had! Hope you are all having a lovely summer, I would love to hear of all the different places that you have been 🙂 xx



  1. July 20, 2014 / 2:02 pm

    Your trip diary is such a great idea! I love all of your pictures, you look so happy! 🙂
    I've been there three times and the third one I loved Paris eventually!
    Will you have a Sephora haul soon? 😀

  2. July 20, 2014 / 8:21 pm

    Aww, thank you that's so sweet. And I actually only bought one thing from Sephora but I will be doing a post sometime soon on all of the beauty and non-beauty things that I bought in Paris xx

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