Pictures From My Prom

Pictures From My Prom

Okay, I have a confession to make. On my prom day, like the most exciting day ever, I was an awful blogger. I was in such a rush to get ready for prom after my speech day that I basically took no photos before Prom and by the time that I did start to take some photos it was half way through the night and I had been dancing so my makeup was slipping off my face and my hair was falling out! But anyway, a few people said they wanted to see some pictures from my Prom, so here are a few of them. Sorry that they are not very good quality or lighting but you do gt to see my dress, and isn’t the dress the most important part of Prom anyway?! 

Me and my bestie

We each had to walk around the stage as they called our name! 

Jack and I 

The decorations in the marquee was so lovely

This guy is just the cutest!

Little close up of my dress so you can see the embellishments

Again with my favourite blonde!


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