A Quick Outfit Of The Day

A Quick Outfit Of The Day

Top – Jack Wills
Shorts – H&M
Nails – Essie Tea and Crumpets
Star Earrings – Accessorize

In couple of day I’m off to Cornwall with my family and my boyfriend so at the moment I am in the process of packing meaning I don’t have a lot of clothes to wear right now. And the weather recently has been so hot and sunny! Today I haven’t really done very much apart for tidying the house and picking up some bits and pieces from town so my outfit this morning was very much a grab stuff that I didn’t think was coming to Cornwall. I you have been reading my blog from the beginning then you might recognise this top as it was in one of the first posts that I ever wrote! I got it from Jack Wills in the sale in January during my “obsessed with stars” phase around Christmas time.  I would normally wear this top in Winter because of the print and the colour but as soon as I put it on with these H&M grey/beige shorts (that match perfectly with the stars!) this morning I just fell in love with this outfit. So much so that I had to go and write a post about it!

And if your wondering why I’m not actually wearing the outfit in my post it’s because apart from going into town I’ve spent most of my day sunbathing in my bikini! Let me know what you think of the outfit and if you think this top can work for summer as well 🙂 



  1. July 24, 2014 / 5:13 pm

    Aww, thank you. Yeah, it's such a lovely natural colour. And great for a tan I think! xx

  2. July 24, 2014 / 11:04 pm

    I love this outfit! I really want to try that essie nail polish it looks so pretty 🙂

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