Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Balance Powder

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Healthy Balance Powder

Up until about a month ago I was a total foundation virgin! And that is saying something for someone who loves makeup as much as I do. The first and main reason for this is I hate the idea of having something cakey sitting on my skin all day that feels horrible and doesn’t even look that great. When I thought of foundation I thought of a thick blotchy orange tinted paste, not something I wanted to waste my money on. Also I am very much a BB cream lover, they are light and moisturising but this give all the coverage that I need. Also a bit like perfume shopping the idea of foundation shopping doesn’t really appeal to me. I had no idea where to start trying to find my perfect shade, or if lighting makes a difference or what kind different foundations are even out there. And buying the wrong foundation would be like buying a dress that doesn’t fit properly but not being able to take it back afterwards. And for a student tight on money like me that wasn’t an investment I wanted to risk

However about a month ago I had a prom makeup to buy list and at the top of my list was a foundation. I had wanted to try this one for a while after hearing a lot of good things about it – mostly from Vivianna Does Makeup. She described it as being light and moisturising with a really natural looking finish so it sounded right up my street. So one day on my way to a dance show while I was wondering around Boots when I spotted a buy one get one half price on all Bourjois products I jumped at my opportunity and picked up the foundation and the powder from the same range.

Healthy Mix Foundation

For my first ever foundation I was really impressed by this product. I have the colour 052 and I have to be honest that it was just luck that I picked the right colour as I still have no idea how to shop for foundation! The finish is really lovely and the product goes on really smoothly. I am yet to invest in a foundation brush so at the moment I am just using my fingers and it still blends really well. The finish if the foundation is glowy and sheeny so I found that it worked really well for my skin type. The only thing that I would say is powder in the T zone is a must for setting this in place and preventing the skin from looking oily. I did wear this to my Prom and I had it on for a good 10 hours of dancing in a boiling marquee and by the end of the night it was pretty much all still there so I was super impressed with the staying power. It also made my skin look really lovely in photos. I’m saving this foundation for special occasions like parties and meals out but am really impressed with it so far. If I had one problem though it would be the heavy glass bottle as it means it’s not a very good one for carrying around or taking away with you.

Healthy Balance Powder

The only powder that I have bought for the last two years has been the Rimmel Matte Powder. It does the job and it I pretty cheap and I’ve never really seen the point in spending a load of money on a powder. However this one is about £3 cheaper than the Rimmel one but my god do you get your £3 worth. The first issue that I had with the Rimmel power was the plastic lid which I always ended up cracking and breaking which then meant that my powder was unprotected and it was either going to go all over my other makeup or just crack and go everywhere. At the height on my powder lid-less-ness I was using tin foil to protect my power which not only looked stupid but didn’t really work either. I then resulted on keeping powder lids that I had managed not to break as spares! However this powder has a lovely flip up lid which I can’t see breaking anytime soon (touch wood!). And not only that but it also has a mirror! Which I just think is amazing as it means I don’t have to carry around a separate compact mirror anymore, especially helpful when using a small clutch! There isn’t anything to protect the mirror from the powder so it is often quite powdery but I really doesn’t mind – I’m still in awe of this genius design! The powder itself is also really lovely and never goes cakey over whatever skin makeup I wear. And on no makeup days I love wearing just this and a bit of concealer as it still gives some coverage. Also considering how long I’ve had this and how much I have been using it it barely looks like I’ve scraped the surface! I never thought I would be getting so excited about a powder but this is such an amazing one!  


  1. July 29, 2014 / 10:27 pm

    I love Vivianna Does Makeup she has great tips! I couldn't believe you were a foundation virgin, so glad your first experience with it was a positive one 🙂

  2. July 30, 2014 / 6:25 pm

    I haven't tried these products because I can't find my shade in greek stores, they are too dark for me… I'm using the Happy Light instead, which is totally amazing! A little bit darker too, but perfect for this time of year! 😀

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