Purchases From Paris – Non-beauty Stuff

Purchases From Paris – Non-beauty Products

So this is the second and final part to my Purchases From Paris posts, which is all of the non-beauty things that I picked up. If this were to include food and snacks that I bought while I was over there then this would be a considerable longer post, but I actually only bought back 3 things with me! I’m super in love with them all so I can’t wait to share them with you guys.

On my third day in Paris we went up the Eiffel Tower in the morning and then walk down Champs Elysee in the afternoon. We didn’t actually do that much shopping there, partially because we has walked all the way from the Eiffel Tower and we were so tired and also because most of the shops were super expensive! I picked this up in a shop that I had never heard of before called Naf Naf. And they were having a huge sale so this top was 50% off and was only $12.50!
This is a bit out of my comport zone but I love this front zip detail. It looks really modern and sexy. 

The sleeves also have a pretty lace detail

Hope I get to go back to this shop at some point as I loved all of the stuff in there, reminded me a bit of Zara.

I also bought this beautiful star print scarf in a market shop by the Notre Dame

I think this will look super pretty on cold December evenings 

So many of the tourist shops in Paris sold little Eiffel Tower statutes like the one above. They did them in all sorts of metals and bright colours with gems on and all I wanted was a plain white one to go with my bedroom and remind me of the holiday. I went in so many of these shops and then right on the last day I found exactly what I had been looking for and just the right size. It looks so cute on the shelves above and it’s just a cute little thing to remind me of such an amazing holiday. 


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