Personal Shopping, Pizzas and Wicked

Personal Shopping, Pizzas and Wicked 

Some of the clothes that were picked out for us. 

Not my usual sytle!

Defo not our style!

Can we please just take a moment to appriciate this skirt…

Loving our skirts!

I have actually been buying so much sequin stuff recently. Collective haul should be coming up soon 🙂


Wicked was WICKED! Sorry, had to be done!

Yesterday was my bestfriends birthday and just like my mum planned something for us on my birthday her mum did the same. The only different was her mum can keep a secret and my mum just can’t contain her excitement! We went up to the massive Oxford Street Topshop in London and to the personally shopping department downstairs where we met the lady who had picked out some clothes for us from the descriptions Livi’s mum had sent. We were shown our own little room with the clothes in and had a little look and then started to try stuff on. 

Nearly all of the clothes were stuff that we would never normally pick out when shopping for ourselves. Some of them were totally not our style and looked ridiculous and some of them we tried on and actually quite liked. Livi and I are also pretty much exactly the same size which meant that we had twice the number of clothes to try on! After we’d finished trying on all of the clothes that were picked out for us we had a little wonder around the shop picking up other items that we wanted to try on. And we found that because we had just done the personal shopping we were now much more adventurous with what we were trying on. We wondered back to the shop grabbing loads of different clothes and then on the way back to the changing room I saw this beautiful sequin skirt. I search for the price but I couldn’t find one and even though it was in the labels section and I presumed it would be way over my budget I grabbed it anyway as I was so desperate to try it on. My new mantra for shopping is to only buy things that I really love. It stops my buying things that I think are okay just because they are cheap or in the sale. Not only does that take up so much space in my wardrobe but it is also such a waste of money. And the only think that I tried on and I really loved was this beautiful sequin skirt. And it was one of those beautiful moments where I looked at the price expecting it to be expensive and what pleasantly surprised that it was £35! Livi also bought this beautiful white skirt (one of the few things that was picked out for us that we liked) that I am very jealous of!

After Topshop personal shopping we did a little bit more shopping on Oxford street but considering it coming to the end of season the sales weren’t that good. It was early evening when we were starving and we headed to Strata for a very yummy pizza. And I was feeling so adventurous that I asked for chicken instead of ham on my pizza! I’m so fussy! Then we caught the tube to Victoria and bought some (a lot!) of chocolate at the station. After queuing for ages to go the the toilet before the performance, why is it that there can never be enough ladies toilets?! We got to our seats and they were really close to the front which was amazing!

The show was awesome even though we had both already seem it before. Last time I saw it I was right at the top and had to use the binoculars so it was really great this time to be able to see all the actors facial expressions. If you haven’t seen Wicked I would really recommend it, it’s very clever and funny and the music is just incredible. Definitely one of my favourite musicals ever!

I had the most amazing day and now my bestfriend and I are both mature 18 year olds. Just kidding! Watch out world!!

If you want to see what I wore yesterday around London and to the theatre then keep an eye out for my next post! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend, I’m off for a barbecue with my boyfriend and his family now. Speak later xx 



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