New Phone Cases

New Phone Cases

I’ve needed a new phone case for a very long time now. When I first got my iPhone about 18 months ago my dad forced me to buy on of those chunky flip leather cases. Honestly as a phone case it has done a great job of protecting phone phone. I just have a massive issue with trying to take pictures with the flip case. I spotted these two on a lovely website called

The first one I spotted is this really cute star case. I have a little bit of an obsession with stars anyway and I just love the colours of this case. The actual case has a white frame and the star print is a big sticker on the back of the case. I was actually a little disappointing that it was just a sticker when this arrived. I just really hope this doesn’t mean it won’t last very long as I really do love this case.

The second case I ordered is probably my favourite as it is a little bit more unique. This case was a little bit more expensive than the first but the print is on the actual case which I definitely prefer. I am so in love with this print and the colours are just my favourite. I am so happy with both of these phone cases and for the first time ever I have a choice which is amazing.

If you haven’t checked out I would really recommend it. They sell really lovely unique gifts. Hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet post! xx



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