A Life Update – Everythings Changing

A Life Update – Everythings Changing 

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So this post is definitely long overdue but I have just been so busy lately that I haven’t been able to sit and write this all out. In June I finished my A-level exams and finished school. Lots of my friends had done UCAS, applied to university and got their offers. Last October when it came to picking my course and my universities I realised that I wasn’t completely sure about what I wanted to study. Choosing to go to university and picking a course is really big deal. It’s picking something that you want to pay £9000 a year to study for the next 3/4 years, so not really a decision that should be taken lightly. So I decided that I was going to take a gap year and then apply the year after when I had decided what I really wanted to study at university.

When it came to planning my gap year though I was getting a bit stuck. I started to think that I wanted to study something to do with the business side of fashion but I didn’t know anyone in that industry and finding any work experience was near to impossible. At the beginning of summer I did book myself on to a 3 day Introduction to Fashion Marketing course at University of the Art London which I absolutely loved. And after doing the course I realised that that was what I really wanted to study.

I was starting to worry about my gap year though as I still hadn’t booked anything or got anything planned. I had a few local job offers and I was thinking about volunteering abroad after I had earned a bit of money. But at the same time I didn’t want to book anything until after I got my results as I wasn’t sure if I would have to use my year out to do some retakes.

It was a really stressful time and I was starting to get pretty low about the whole situation. I had no idea how my exams had gone and I was worrying about my results. And I hadn’t planned anything for the next year so I felt like I had nothing to look forward to or work towards and I just felt a bit lost. And on top of all that all my friends were getting ready to go to university and meet new people and move away. And I suddenly started to feel like I was being left behind. All my friends would go off to university in September and I would be left at home with no one. And I was starting to worry about stupid things like “If I want to go out who am gonna go with?”.

On the days leading up to results day I started to research different universities that did Fashion Marketing courses. I had never gone through UCAS so I couldn’t really go through clearing which was a bit of a pain. But I did my research and called up  few of the different universities that I liked the look of to see if anything would be possible. 

On results day received BBB in Maths, Economics and Geography. I think I was hoping to do a bit better but considering how hard I found some of the exams I wasn’t disappointed either. The course that I was most interested in was Fashion Marketing at Manchester. I’d heard very good things about it from my fashion course earlier in the summer and for my subject I knew it was one of the top universities. Being such highly thought of course they were asking for AAB (2 grades about what I received), but I called up the department, tried my best to sell myself to a guy on the phone and then filled out a form that he emailed to me.

About 5 days later as I was coming back from my birthday spa weekend I got a letter saying I was offered a place! I honestly couldn’t believe it! Then a bit of panic started to set it as I realised how much I suddenly needed to sort out. Since then I’ve been sorting my accommodation, signing documents, sorting my bank and loan and done lots of shopping for university. My quick trip to Manchester with my mum a couple of weeks ago was to see where I would be going as I had never even been to Manchester let alone seen the university! Lets just say things have been pretty crazy around here, and I still have so much to sort!

One day I was trying to plan my gap year and then next I was planning for university! And now in less than 2 weeks I will be leaving home. If you want something however hard it seems then send that email or make that phone call and sell yourself. It won’t always work out your way but you’ll never know unless you try. And people may tell you or make you feel like there is only one way to do something or only one path to get somewhere, but that is so wrong. There are millions of different paths. Teachers told me that if I didn’t apply on UCAS then I wouldn’t be able to go to university the next year. Well they were wrong! And yes, I did probably pick a more complicated route but now I’m going to an amazing university to study a subject that I am so excited about because I took a bit of extra time to decide it was the right one. And guess what? I never even had to write a personal statement!!

I know this isn’t really a typical post on my blog but I wanted to share my big news with you. I love blogging and going to university isn’t going to change that. What it might mean is that I have to blog less often and probably less hauls as I will be a broke student! But I hope that you guys will stay with me as I start this new stage of my life. Love you loads xx


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