H&M Jewellery Haul

H&M Jewellery Haul

For quite a long time now H&M has been one of my all time favourite places to shop for clothes. They are such a reasonable price and I just always find something that I love, particularly the jumpers and the jeans department. However however I’d never really ventured into the accessories section of the store before. Accessorize has always been my number one place to shop for accessories and once I’ve been there I didn’t really need to go anywhere else. And from afar a lot of the jewellery in H&M reminded me quite a bit of the jewellery in Primark; large chunky and fairly cheap looking pieces. Whereas I prefer delicate simple pieces that I hope look more expensive that what I actually paid!

However while in H&M shopping for some black leggings the other day I took a little wonder into the jewellery section. And even though at first I came across the type of jewellery that I expected to find after a little searching I managed to find a few things that I love. I think it is fair to say that quite a bit of the jewellery that first spotted where big statement (and fairly cheap looking) pieces, particularly the necklaces and bracelets. But I did manage to spot this very simple gold V-shaped necklace which I love. I usually wear a lot of silver jewellery but for some reason as we are moving into Autumn I am constantly wanting to wear gold. I think this piece looks really modern and classy and I like to wear it with a simple white V-neck jumper. 

The other things that I picked up were these rings which came together in a pack for about £3 which is insane! I don’t think I will ever wear then all together like I have in this photo but at the moment I love wearing a bit of a mix of normal and midi rings. I like how in this pack there is a mix of gold and silver and a mix of shapes and sizes. I also think the silver branch one is just beautiful and such a unique design. 

So if like me you hadn’t before then I would recommend having a little look in the jewellery section on your next trip to H&M. You might find a few little treasures! Let me know what you think of my finds or what you think of H&M jewellery in the comments below. xx



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