A Long Weekend In Durham

A Long Weekend In Durham 

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I spent this last weekend in Durham with my boyfriend where he is now at university. It was lovely to see him again and where he was now living as well as meet some of his new friends. I don’t have any lectures on a Friday so I got a 2 hour train from Manchester on Thursday evening. I hadn’t actually seen Jack for a month since I left for university and I had been really missing him. So I can’t quite explain how amazing it was when I walked through the barriers and he was standing there grinning ready to give me a massive hug!

Despite Jack having to work for a lot of Friday and then all of Saturday evening I had the most amazing weekend. On Friday I met him from work and then we wondered around Durham together. And even though it is a city is feels like a beautiful little town. He showed me the bridge with the view of the cathedral which we took a couple of photos in front of. 

After dinner in the evening we got changed and then headed over to another kitchen with a group of his friends for some pre-drinks. At about 11pm we went out to Klute, a club in Durham that is meant to be one of the worst clubs ever! Famous for it’s grotty surrounding and cheesy music! I understand what people say about it being so bad it’s good though. One of Jack’s friends had been there for something like 7 nights in a row. In Manchester I’m used to hip-hop and club music so hearing all the old school classics like Robbie Williams and S club 7 was actually so cool and so much fun to dance to! 

On Saturday we woke up late and had brunch in his halls which serves exactly the same food as mine! Then in the afternoon we wondered back into town and went to the cinema to see The Maze Runner. I thought that it was a good film but to be honest it was pretty much exactly the same as the Hunger Games. After we went to the Krispy Kreme Cafe where we bought three doughnuts and could only manage one between us! 

When Jack went to work from 5-2am in the evening I stayed with some of the girls from his corridor chatting for ages in the kitchen and then watching a film and eating loads of rubbish. Just what I needed after the night before! At after 1:30am just after the film finished I walked down to the bar where Jack works to surprise him. I thought it would be so scary walking there on my own but Durham is so safe (not quite like Manchester!) and there were so many other student walking around too. I thought that the bar where Jack worked would be full of old people and pretty empty. But when I got there it might as well have been a club there were so many students. And while I was sitting on the wall in my jeans, converse, jacket and scarf they where all stumbling out of the bar in heels and tiny dresses! I felt so out of place and I actually heard one drunk guy ask his friend if they thought I was a busker!! How embarrassing! 

It was so lovely to surprise Jack who was actually just calling me to tell me he was coming home when he saw me! When we got back we got into our pyjamas and ate our other two Krispy Kreme doughnuts with hot chocolates and marshmellows. 

On Sunday we had a pretty lazy morning and then at around midday I caught the train back to Manchester. I was pretty sad to leave but I am so excited for him to come down to Manchester in 3 weeks time. 

Jacks birthday was at the beginning of October so I finally got around to giving him his present which was the burgundy Topman jacket that you can see him wearing in the picture. I also gave him a scrapbook that I had made mostly filled with photos and tickets and stuff from our amazing summer together. He made me this adorable card which he said took him ages to make and a university survival kit! The kit consists of caffine pills, earplugs, tactical toothbrush replacement and boy repellent! He also got me quite a bit of chocolate but that didn’t last long enough to be in this post! I love cool home-made presents like this and it definitely made me laugh. 

I had the nicest weekend so thank you to my boyfriend for having me and to all of his friends for being so welcoming. I can’t wait to show him around Manchester which is so different! 


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