Neutrogena Skin Care Rountine

Neutrogena Skin Care Rountine

I haven’t written about my skincare routine for quite a long time on the blog and considering that I have been using these products probably about 4 months now I feel like I can talk to you about how I have been getting on with them. 

Since about the age of 14 I’ve had some problems with my skin. It’s not awful, I know that some people have a lot worse but it is enough to make me pretty self concious. Over the years I have tried so many different products hoping to find the one, but I never really have. Some have just been awful and really irritated my skin and others have worked for a little while. 

So before I talk to you about these products I just wanted to say that they aren’t miracle workers. Your skin isn’t just about the products that you put on it, there are so many other factors. I like to think I eat pretty healthily, drink enough water and get enough sleep most of the time. But the fact is that right now I am still in my teens and spots are a totally normal thing. So I realise that a skin care routine probably isn’t going to make all my spots disappear but I just need something that isn’t going to make me breakout more than I naturally will. And I have faith that my skin will continue to improve as I get older and don’t have as many hormones flying all over the place!

Anyway, back to the products. After a particularly bad skin patch several months ago I went to the doctors and she recommend Neutrogena as the best high street brand for skin care. She said most of their products contain Salicylic Acid which is the best ingredient for fighting spots. I picked up this pink grapefruit facial wash and so far I am really impressed. It smells really nice and leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh but it is still gentle enough on my sensitive skin. I definitely do still get spots but since using these Neutrogena products I think my skin had cleared up a bit and become a lot less “bumpy”. 

About a week later I went back to Boots and picked up the blackhead eliminating lotion and the oil-free moisturiser. I had always though I had dry skin so had always used really thick heavy moisturisers. But it turns out that was probably what was clogging up my pores as I actually have normal/combination skin that can get a little sensitive. I use the blackhead eliminating lotion a bit like a toner and it only took about 2/3 weeks to see the reduction in my blackheads, especially around my nose. I also now only use a tiny bit of the moisturiser and concentrate this mostly on my cheeks where my skin gets driest. Sometimes when you do have spots the best thing that you can do is leave them to dry out on their own rather than coat them in millions of different potions and lotions. 

If you are looking for a quick fix to perfect skin, like the majority of products these aren’t going to deliver. But they are good ones in my opinion particularly for younger more acne prone skin. Hope you have found this helpful in some way. Or at least if you do suffer from bad skin then know that you are not alone and that hopefully it will go with time.

Speak soon xx


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