Things I Love About Winter

Things I Love About Winter

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I know that there are loads of these types of posts flying around at the moment but personally I love reading them and I wanted to join in the fun! So here are all the things that I love about Winter and hopefully it will get you excited too. Not sure how many there are going to be yet but fingers crossed I can make it a nice round number!

  1. Hot chocolates with melted marshmallows
  2. Autumn and Christmas scent candles 
  3. Hiding feet in winter boots
  4. Scarves, scarves and more scarves
  5. That beautiful plum/maroon shade that comes out in the shops
  6. Fluffy bed socks to keep my toes warm
  7. Crisp winter air
  8. Crunchy leaves
  9. Big winter coats
  10. Evenings watching TV by the fire 
  11. Making my Christmas list about 2 months early!
  12. Being amazed at how beautiful fireworks are
  13. Fairy lights in the evening
  14. Berry lipsticks
  15. Getting dressed up for Halloween
  16. Trying to get creative with pumpkin carving
  17. Glittery nail polish
  18. Actually, glitter everywhere!
  19. Christmas dinner
  20. Seeing family that lives far away
  21. Hiding under oversized jumpers
  22. Seeing all the Christmas window displays
  23. Trying to walk over a puddle that’s iced over
  24. Christmas shopping
  25. The new winter collections at The Body Shop
  26. Choosing the perfect Christmas tree with my family
  27. Snuggling in my duvet when it’s cold and dark outside
  28. Writing my name with a sparkler
  29. Wearing my onesie more
  30. Funny Christmas jumpers
  31. Family board games
  32. Snowball fights
  33. Christmas baking
  34. Beautifully wrapped Christmas presents
  35. Decorating the tree with my brother and sister
  36. Making a snowman
  37. Going sledging with friends 
  38. Lots of parties to get dressed up for
  39. Christmas films and TV
  40. New Years Eve

Okay, I’m going to stop and 40 or this post could go on forever! Hope this has got you a bit excited! I know I am! And please let me know in the comments below if I have missed anything 🙂 xx



  1. October 24, 2014 / 7:00 pm

    I love crunchy snow and making the first footprints/tracks in freshly fallen snow 🙂


  2. October 24, 2014 / 8:12 pm

    Can't believe I forgot that! Totally agree 🙂 And you have a lovely blog, just followed xx

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