NYC Eyeshadow Palette in A Kiss On The Hudson

NYC Eyeshadow Palette in A Kiss On The Hudson

Katherine Penney Chic Beauty Makeup Review Eyeshadow

Katherine Penney Chic Beauty Makeup Review Eyeshadow
I’ve been searching for a dark plum eyeshadow colour for ages now but I wasn’t sure how often I would actually wear it so I wanted to find something fairly cheap. And when I was in Superdrug a few weeks ago I spotted this little palette from NYC and thought it was perfect. The colours are beautiful and really wearable and for four shades it was such good value. 

I hate writing posts about disappointing products because it’s annoying that I’ve spent my money on something that I probably won’t wear much again. But at least I can tell people my views so that you guys don’t have to waste your own hard earned money on products that aren’t worth purchasing. 

The colours are really pretty but it’s the pigmentation and the colour pay off that I found really disappointing. The lighter shades didn’t have any real colour they were just a tiny bit of shimmer on my eye lid no matter how much I tried to layer them up. And the dark berry colour which looks beautiful in the pan was just not pigmented and not creamy. As soon as I tried to apply it it just blended into nothing and you could barely tell I was wearing eyeshadow, let alone a dark berry shade. 

I’m still searching for a nice but not too pricey berry eyeshadow shade so let me know if you have any recommendations. And I’d also love to hear if you’ve tried this palette what you thought in the comments below. Sorry for the negative post! I do have a some more reviews coming soon of products that I am really loving though 🙂

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend. I handed all my coursework in today so tonight I’m out clubbing with the girls. And we are going somewhere Christmassy and getting all dressed up. And then tomorrow I am finally going home to see my family and I am so excited!! xx



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