Maxfactor Face Infinity Primer

Maxfactor Face Infinity Primer

Katherine Penney Chic Maxfactor Primer SPF

I picked this up a while back in the huge Boots haul that I did. I saw it and remembered Amelia Liana saying this was a dupe for I think a Giorgio Armani primer. This one is a really decent size bottle for around £10 and it also has SPF 20 which for me is really important. 

Since I bought this I’ve actually been wearing it most days. I find that it really smooths out my skin and feels really luxurious and silky. It makes any makeup that I put on top feel a lot more flawless and helps it stay in place for most of the day. Overall I think that this is a really great daytime primer, especially for this time of year when skin can be feeling a little dull and dry. This just adds a nice healthy boost and glow to that face and is still protecting you from the sun. 

What I will say is that this is best worn during the day. For the evening and going out the SPF could cause flash back and you probably want something more long lasting and less silky. But for a high street everyday SPF primer Maxfactor’s offering is a really good one that I definitely recommend. 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas xx

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