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Born Pretty Makeup Lip Products 
Last month I was given the opportunity to try out a couple of lip products from the Born Pretty Makeup line. They have an amazing website that sells everything a girrl could ever want from makeup, to clothes to handbags to adorable stationary. Plus the prices are absolutely amazing and they have free shipping world wide! You can check out their website here
Katherine Penney Chic Born Pretty Makeup Review
The two products that I picked to review were this Tutu Lip Exfoliating Gel and this beautiful pink lipstick. The lip exfoliating gel is so easy to use, you just put a little bit of the product onto your finger and then massage it gently into your lips. And after you have done you can just wipe it off with a tissue. What I really love about this one is that it’s really gentle and the exfoliating beads are really fine, as at the moment winter has left my lips feeling very sensitive. 
Katherine Penney Chic Born Pretty Makeup Review
The Tutu lip exfoliator left my lips feeling so lovely. It not only exfoliated but also moisturised and as you can see from the picture left my lips feeling super plump. This is a great step to add into your rountine every now and again as it really preps your lips for a product, especially if you are going to be wearing a matte lip product. You can pick this one up here for just over £2!
Katherine Penney Chic Born Pretty Makeup Review
It took me a long time to pick out a colour of these lipsticks as they had so many lovely ones which you can have a look at here, In the end I went for shade 05 a beautiful summery pink. Yes, as soon as Christmas and NYE are over I’m already thinking about summer! This lipstick is really nice and glossy and worked even better after I had used the exfoliating lip gel. It’s a really pretty natural color so I think that this would be a perfect shade to pair with a smoky eye  look. 
Katherine Penney Chic Born Pretty Makeup Review

I am in love with this beautiful pink shade and I know that it is going to be such a staple for me in summer. 

I hope that this little product review with introduce you to an amazing new brand and you will go and check out their website. Born Pretty has huge discounts on nearly all of their products already but they were also kind enough to give me a little discount code to share with all of you. To get 10% off your order you can use the code PENH10. Hope you enjoy scrolling through the lovely website. I’ve literally just spent the last hour adding so many different things to my basket that I want to try out! 

Speak soon xx

Disclaimer: I was sent these products and wrote an honest review of them to share with you. However this was not a sponsored post and I was not paid to write any of this. 



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