Today In Pictures – 21/03/2015

Today In Pictures – 21/03/2015

Katherine Penney Chic Green Tea Vogue Magazine

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you are all having a nice relaxing weekend, I certainly am. It’s so lovely being back home with all of my home comforts. And I know that I really should get started on some of my coursework but I can’t bring myself to do it quite yet! 

Today it feels like I haven’t really done anything but when I think about it I have done quite a bit. This morning I had a lie in and then went on a quick run around the block. And then I had lunch with my mum and sister and I ate loads. We had picks like fresh bread, different cheeses, nice ham, salad bits and chicken soup. Normally I’d think that was pretty boring but after being at university for so long things like Edam become a luxury!
Katherine Penney Chic flowers spring

Spring is finally here! Although the weather today was so cold and windy. Apparently in Manchester it was lovely again so part of me wishes I was still up there just to catch some sun – I really need it! My dad bought me these beautiful flowers when he got back from him business trip last night. 
Katherine Penney Chic magazine makeup drugstore haul
L’oreal matte eyeshadow – 106 Breaking Nude
Essie nail polish – Blanc
MaXfactor excess shimmer – 20 Copper

In the afternoon we had a little wonder around town as we had a few jobs to do and I needed to pick up a few thing, from Boots of course! I bought all the things I actually needed like conditioner, cotton pads and deodorant but Boots was having a 3 for 2 across all makeup and I just couldn’t say no to that!

Right now I have a long list of my phone of all the beauty products that I want to try after reading other people’s blogs and watching too many YouTube videos. So  managed to pick up a couple of things from my list. The first thing I had to pick up was the L’oreal matte eyeshadow in 106 as early in the morning somehow mine had smashed and it went everywhere when I tried to open it. So I decided that I use it nearly everyday as a crease shade so rather than try and work with it going everywhere it would just be easier to get a new one. Really hope this one doesn’t crack though. I also picked up a white nail polish as I have been seeing this look a lot for Spring and I think it looks so lovely and fresh. And finally (after a sneaky look in the drawers below the stands!) I managed to find this MaXfactor excess shimmer cream shadow in the shade copper. I’ve heard a few people talk about this and I was so desperate to try it. I’m just a total sucker for cream shadows at the moment, especially a shimmery nude shade like this one. Can’y wait to wear this and let you know how I get on. 

About to have dinner now. The excitement I now get over home cooked food is actually ridiculous! And then we having a bit of a girls night and going to the cinema to see Insurgent. I loved Divergent, wish I had a chance to watch it again before seeing the film but I’m sure it will all come back to me! 


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