Some Details From Today

Some Details From Today

Katherine Penney Chic Bedroom Decor Interior Flowers Roses White Cream Radio Pictures

It’s finally the weekend! Not that it really makes much of a difference now that I am just at home on holiday but Friday evenings are always my favourite. Today mum was throwing a lunch for all of her friends so I spent the morning helping her in the kitchen with the food and making everything look nice. I really wish I had taken some pictures as when everything was set up it was lovely with the bunting, the fairylights and the pretty flowers on the table. 

But at midday my brother Nick and I went to Pizza Express in town to get out of the way a bit. And it was lovely just to get out now that it is getting a bit warmer and have a long chat with him. Since getting back from town and picking at all the left over food from the lunch (someone left some nice brownies!) I really don’t know what I have done today! At least I still have the evening to waste away! 
Katherine Penney Chic flowers white roses pretty cream photography

Beautiful white roses. These are just my favourite and I love the way that they look in my room with all the cream and white. 
Katherine Penney Bedroom Decor Shelves Handbags Mirror Fairylights White Cream Pretty Modern

It’s so lovely to be back in my room at home it’s so much bigger, doesn’t get anywhere near as dusty and just feels so pretty and light. 
Katherine Penney Chic Pretty accessories sunglasses handbag phone satchel

Some accessories. Finally sunny enough to get out my sunglasses. I think these ones are from Forever 21 and I love them. Most of the time I just like wearing sunglasses on my head, makes it look like I have done something a bit more with my hair! And I’ve really loved using this little satchel bag I found when clearing out my closet. Helps me keep my packing to a minimal so I am not carrying around a load of junk all day!
Katherine Penney Chic Daily Makeup Beauty Cream eyeshadows Bronze Mac Perfume Book

Some makeup bits. These are the products that I have been reaching for on the days that I wear makeup. My Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is back at university but this Anais Anais perfume is a lovely floral Spring scent. And I think that I am going to do a whole post on my go to eye makeup look. I’m really into cream eye shadows and a bronze look at the moment. 

Hope everyone has a lovely start to the weekend. Speak soon xx


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