Nearly Summer

Nearly Summer 

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So my university exam is today. And I’m nervous! I’m one of those silly people that gets so worked up about exams to the point where I feel sick. I’ve done a lot of revision and to be honest my first year doesn’t even count, I just need to pass. But I still didn’t manage to get to sleep until nearly 2am because of nerves. Does anyone else have this problem? Or an solutions? Maybe I just need hypnotherapy!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you the cutest Good Luck Card that I got from my boyfriend yesterday. I love making people cards, especially him and now he has started making cards for me too. There is just something so lovely and special about getting a handmade card that you know someone has really thought about. 

And in case you don’t get the pun my surname is Penney! 
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Also last night (stupid timing) was my halls formal dinner for the end of the year. I didn’t really manage to get any good pictures of myself but I did want to show you what I wore. I’ve shown this dress on my blog before last year but I still love it. How pretty is this bow back? To me this is summer, pretty and feminine. 

So in a few (horrible) hours my exam will be over and I will officially be on my Summer holiday! I’m going for a meal with the girls afterwards and then I think we are going clubbing! No idea what I am going to wear yet but I’ll try and take some outfit photos. 

So I’ll see you on the other side! Bye! xx


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