Just Today

 Just Today 

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I hadn’t got around to taking any new photos for blogposts today, but I still wanted to write a quick blogpost. So just a bit of a chit chat and life post this evening. 

This morning I had work in Joules which I am enjoying so much. I wore my new Joules top which you can see here in the picture as the sun was shining and arrived to work with my sunglasses on and a berry smoothie in my hand. It was a lovely feeling! And a lovely smoothie! 
After work at 3pm it was still really warm so I got straight into my new bikini and did some sunbathing for a few hours. Which actually reminds me that I don’t think I have shared my new bikini on my blog yet. And I find bikini shopping quite hard so finding one that fits perfectly, I love and wasn’t pricey was amazing. Maybe I’ll share it with you in a blogpost soon. 

Before dinner my brother and I took my grandpa to the county club near by which has a lovely outdoor pool. And it was so nice to see him swim again as he hasn’t been able to in a while. 

I’m not working until Sunday now so I have a bit of time to do some more blogging. I think I might do a beauty blogpost tomorrow as I haven’t done one in a while and I have so many new products that I want to review. 

Hope you have a lovely evening. Sorry for the rambling chatting post! Speak soon xx

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