Kefalonia Inspiration 2015

Kefalonia Inspiration 2015

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Eek! I am so excited to write this post! In two days time I will be going on holiday to Kefalonia with my family! We are staying in a beautiful villa with a swimming pool and amazing views and I honestly can’t contain my excitement! 

Yesterday was my last day at work for a while so I have a couple of days to sort everything out and get packing. And while I love going on holiday (most people do!) I am not really a fan of packing. I can’t ever travel light and I hate the idea that I won’t have all of my stuff with me and if I need something or I forget it then that’s just my problem. I love mixing and matching different summery outfits for a holiday but in the end I just want to bring my whole wardrobe. 

So I put together a collage of my favourite summer holiday images from WeHeartIt to get me even more excited for my holiday to Kefalonia and hopefully make packing less of a chore! I am just dreaming of the sun on my skin, my feet in the sand and crystal clear sea. 

I can’t wait to share my holiday with you on the blog over the next couple of weeks. I don’t think that they will be quite as professional as the ones above but hopefully I can take some beautiful pictures while I am away.

And if you want to see more beautiful images like these ones then check out my WeHeartIt account here

Have to go and get packing now! Speak soon xx

The images above are all taken from WeHeartIt

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