New Bedroom Inspiration

New Bedroom Inspiration

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In less than a Week now I am going to be moving in with all my university friends into a new house, and my new bedroom. I have been so excited to decorate my new bedroom and it has been so much fun going shopping for pretty bits and pieces this Summer. So I have put together some inspiration from WeHeartIt and Pinterest. 
Unlike last year I actually have a good sized bedroom with a double bed, which is very exciting. I have decided to keep my room quite white as it is my favourite colour and have everything looking really fresh and clean. And then when Christmas coming it will be easy to change things up sligtly by adding a Christmasy throw and some pretty lights or something. I also want to have a bit of pastel blue in my room and I have a beautiful Urban Outfitters throw for my bed that is actually in the exact same pattern as the bedding second left on the bottom row. When I get up to Manchester I also want to buy quite a bit green plant to have in the corner of my room as I love the green against all the white. 

I am so excited to decorate my bedroom. I do have some rather horrible orange checked curtains to deal with, but hopefully we can get past that! Can’t wait to show you all the photos once it is finished. xx



  1. September 18, 2015 / 7:23 pm

    Oh I'm so jealous you're moving in with your friends! I love these photos! I can't wait to see what your bedroom will look like!

    Be | lovefrombe

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