The Blanket Scarf

The Blanket Scarf 

I am so excited to share my new winter scarf with you. I say scarf, but I’ve been using it as a blanket justas much! I think it is the best purchase that I have made in a while, well since my Longchamp bag! 

I will be the first to admit that a scarf is the last thing I needed. I have way too many, but my collection was missing just a simple plain grey scarf. I have wanted the typical ACNE scarf for years, so when I spotted this one in H&M for about a quarter of the price I felt like it was made just for me! 
It’s 100% wool and is honestly so warm and cosy. As a scarf or a blanket! 

I have been wearing this so often recently as the weather has started to get much colder. but this is one of my favourite ways to wear it, thin white jumper, dark jeans, my leather jacket and this big grey scarf. It is such a simple outfit, partly inspired by my favourite fashion blogger, Mariannan. I love the different textures and the monochromatic colours that make this outfit feel really classic. 

Hope you like this simple outfit post. If you are interested in the scarf then you can check it out here. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend xx


  1. October 13, 2015 / 3:27 pm

    I know! Ooh, maybe I need a plaid one as well! 😛 xx

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