Victoria’s Secret and PINK Haul

Victoria’s Secret and PINK Haul 


For those of you that don’t already know, I am lucky enough to be a VS PINK Campus Representative at the University of Manchester. So far it has been such an amazing experience, with so many laughs and so much fun. And I’m just so excited for what next term has to offer. 
As a thank you for all my work this last term I was lucky enough to receive a VS gift card to treat myself in the store! I am obviously a huge fan of VS and PINK and since being at uni I have been living in the comfy leggings, lounge pants and cosy hoodies from PINK! 
But before I showed you my favourite purchase I thought I would share with you the couple of beauty bits that I picked up. The first is this gorgeous VS body lotion called Secret Charm. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about VS Body Lotions. I was worried that this was just going to look beautiful and smell amazing but not actually do anything for hydration my skin. But I used this before bed on my legs the other night and woke up with legs that hadn’t felt so soft in ages! Plus yes, this does smell incredible. 
The other beauty product that I got was the VS PINK sweet and flirty body mist. And it does make me very happy that they are both lilac and look really cute on my shelves. I am trying to save this one until it is a little warmer as it is definitely more of a fruit Summer scent. But it smells so lovely and fresh and I have found myself reaching for this one a lot lately on days where perfume seems a bit too much!
Finally the best thing I bought! VS PINK hoodies are amazing! They look so flattering and slightly sporting and they are just the perfect thing for a student spending a lot of time in the house working or lounging around. I already have a grey and navy half zip one which I live in so I knew as soon as I got my gift card that I was going to get another one. 
I fell in love with this simple khaki zip up hoodie with PINK written on the sleeves. It is so comfy and perfect and I’ve been wearing this at home all today with my PINK leggings or when I actually have to leave the house with jeans and a black gilet. 
Hope you like my VS and PINK haul. They also both have a great sale on at the moment so definitely go and check that one out. And I actually still have a little bit of money left on my gift card to spend so let me know what your favourite PINK and VS products are of if there is anything in particular you recommend I get my hands on. Speak soon xx



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