Life Lately

Life Lately 
I can’t wait until all my exams and interviews are over and I can fall back in love with blogging again. I am so upset that it has had to take a back seat while I revise but I guess that is just how it is. Although I did manage to get my camera out a few times yesterday so I though I would share the pictures with you. 
I’m loving curling up with a white hot chocolate in my new mug and reading some magazines and catalogues. I love The White Company, they have so many beautiful pieces. 
I’ve been burning this candle that I got recently while revising. Now that I have finished all of my Christmas candles it’s nice to have sweet and refreshing. Also this is really pretty! Before I started to burn it there were little stars on the top. 
I recently did an ASOS order and it arrived the other day! I already had the grey Calvin Klein cotton bra that I basically live in. It is the softest comfiest thing and perfect for lounging around the house when you don’t want an underwire bra but you don’t feel you can go braless either! I’ve wanted the matching pants for so long so I finally treated myself. They fit perfectly and are just as comfy. Now I just need the model figure to wear this! 
ASOS do free delivery for orders over £20 and naturally my Calvin Klein pants were under. So to get my free delivery I also treated myself to this little bracelet. Orelia is a brand that I love that do beautiful delicate and minimal pieces. Before I could only ever find them at Topshop so I am very excited that ASOS also stock this brand. This little bracelet was in the sale and I think it will be perfect for layering with some different delicate pieces. 
Hope you like this little post. I have a list in my notepad of so many posts I want to write. It’s just trying to find the time to write them all! 

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