Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees 


I’m not sure before this set I had ever tried anything from Burt’s Bees, which is crazy as I am a beauty lover and they are a pretty big brand. 
One thing that I had heard was that Burt’s Bees do some pretty amazing lip balms. And even though I have a whole draw of about fifteen lip balms in my room, another five in the bottom of my handbag and one in the pocket of nearly every coat that I own, a girl can never have to many lip balms! Especially in Winter!
This cute little set came with three different lip balms and a hand cream. The lip balm in the tin is probably my least favourite as it is lemon flavoured which isn’t something that I would usually go for. The two lip balms in the stick form are really lovely though. My favourite is the original as it smells lovely and refreshing and when I apply it my lips feel all tingly. It sounds strange and I don’t actually think it is doing any plumping like some other lip products. But it leaves my lips feeling so refreshed and moisturised for hours. It’s also a great one for under lipsticks as it is not glossy or sticky. The red one doesn’t actually have that much colour, but also smells really good. 
The hand cream smells lemony but in a nicer refreshing way to the lip balm. It is light but thick and absorbs really quickly so one that I have been throwing in my handbag for on the go. I just hate the feeling of dry hands so a get though hand creams so quickly!
So far I am pretty impressed by Burt’s Bees in term of their moisturising qualities. I do love fruity scents but I definietly thing there are some much nicer ones than lemon! I would really like to try some of their lip glosses that I have seen. In my mind they are going to be more of a lip balm lip gloss hybrid so I won’t be left with sticky lips that my hair gets stuck to! Has anyone tried them and would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below. 
Speak soon xx

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