Treating Myself

Treating Myself 

Katherine Penney Chic Shopping VS PINK Haul Bra Treat Pretty Lace
As some of you may know I am a Campus Representative for Victoria’s Secret PINK at my university. It’s such an amazing experience and I have had so much fun holding student events and promoting a brand that I love. 

At the end of last term I was given a gift card with some money on that I could spend it VS or VS PINK as a thank you for my work that term. Over the Christmas holidays I went shopping with my sister and bought some things with the card. So if you want to see what else I got you can head over to this post here

But I made sure that I save a bit of money to treat myself to something I have always wanted, a Victoria’s Secret bra. They are girlie, and beautiful and sexy and way out of my price range! But with my gift card it didn’t really feel like I was spending money (why is that?!) so I treated myself. 
Katherine Penney Chic Shopping VS PINK Haul Bra Treat Pretty Lace
As soon as I walked into the store I spotted this bra and immediately fell in love. I knew I wanted to spend my money on something special, not just a white bra. But something more pretty than bright and neon. I think the black and white floral lace is so sophisticated and I love that the bra comes lower down as well.

The bra itself it the comfiest one that I own too. Now I really see what all the hype was about! I wanted to save this more for special occasions but it’s so difficult not to wear this everyday. Especially now it has made me realise that my other bras don’t fit me properly at all! The straps are really soft and slightly wider than I am used to which makes this so comfy. 

In case anyone is wondering I didn’t buy any matching pants. My gift card wouldn’t stretch that far and I actually wasn’t too keen on the ones that went with these. But I think with any pretty black underwear this will look great. 

I did think about whether I wanted to post a picture of my underwear on my blog. But underwear is something that we all need and shop for so why not?! Especially as this one makes such a pretty picture!

Speak soon xx


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