New Things

New Things
I haven’t actually done a lot of shopping recently (for me!). But over the last few weeks I have picked up a few things here and there that I thought I would share with you. 
As I am still loving the whole minimal trend, one thing that I have wanted for ages is a slogan sweatshirt. I think with a pair of skinny jeans and slips-on they looks so effortless and cool. 
I saw this really simple one on Pinterest and then found it on eBay in loads of different colours. I was so tempted by the grey (obviously!) but last minute decide to switch things up and went for this lovely ice blue, which I really love. The sweatshirt says BIEN FAIT on the left which I know know means Well Done. Embarrassingly I didn’t when I ordered it! It doesn’t make a lot of sense but I still think this looks so cute and have been living in this recently. 
While I was in Leeds a few weekends ago staying with my bestfriend we did a bit of shopping and I spotted these in the Topshop Sale. I love slip-ons, and already have a beige pair and a leopard print pair, but I couldn’t resist these. I love the snake skin and monochrome and can see these working in so many different outfits. The only issue is the first time I wore them they really ripped up my feet! But now the blisters have finally healed and I am determined to wear these in. 
This off the shoulder top was another sale find, but this time from Zara. I have really been loving this style of top ever since stealing my sisters and taking it back to uni with me! I love the lace overlay and lace sleeves of this one and think it looks really luxurious. I think off the shoulder tops are going to become a favourite of mine this Summer so I am keeping an eye out for some more pretty lace ones. 
I did actually pick up another sale bargain in Zara but I am saving that for a whole outfit post I think. It’s very Blair Waldorf inspired so I’m super excited to share it with you! 
Speak soon xx



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