Styling Stripes

Styling Stripes 
I really liked my outfit from yesterday, don’t you love it when you find a new way to wear clothes you already own? And while I didn’t get around to taking outfit photos I thought I would share it with you today. 
Despite the snow at the beginning of March it has really started to feel like Spring again. I’m even leaving he house now with sunglasses and without a coat! So this was a casual outfit for wondering around town on a Sunday. 
I will be the first to admit that I probably have a bit of a stripey top obsession. Click here if you are the same and want a bit of a chuckle. But this grey version is a nice change to the navy/black and white. It’s also one of the only long sleeved tops that I own. 
It was the first time this year that I felt it was warm enough to wear my brown loafers. I love how classic and preppy these are but also the fact that they are actually comfy! I also wore my beautiful Zara scarf for an extra layer when it got a little colder in the late afternoon. 
I am in love with this faux shearling gilet and now that the weather is a little warmer I can’t wait to pair it with everything. It’s cool but classic, and very cosy. The pockets are big enough that you could easily go out without a bag and it’s the perfect length. 
I love the subtle prints and the different textures of this look. Today was another lovely day weather wise and I am really excited for Spring style. 
Speak soon xx

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