Yesterday I had a small operation that naturally has left me feeling a bit groggy and under the weather. So I am spending pretty much the whole of today in bed! I’ve edited some blog photos, written a couple of posts, watched the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2016 and now I’m doing a little bit of internet shopping. So still managing to be a little bit productive!

I am currently loving my VS PINK high socks keeping my feet warm and cosy! I also made myself a super healthy but tasty breakfast this morning, porridge with chai seeds, honey and banana. It was really quick to make but so filling as well. I think this is going to become a new favourite of mine, as there is only so long you can eat bran flakes for without getting a little bored!

I’m still in a fair amount of pain but hopefully with some more rest I will be better very soon. But for the moment I am pretty happy just chilling in bed on my laptop! xx


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