Little Lush Surprise

Little Lush Surprise


I have literally spent the whole of today at my desk doing a fun mix of revision and coursework. So when my little sister got back from her shopping trip (I wish I was still 13!) and surprised me with my favourite LUSH bathbomb, Butterball it was the reward that I needed. I thought I would take a quick break to take a pretty picture and write up a quick blogpost. Although it does mean I still haven’t really moved from my desk yet!

I know that I have already talked about this product on my blog before, but I think it might even be over a year ago now. I don’t actually find myself in LUSH that often, all the different scents can get a bit overwhelming for me and for some reason I tend to get a sore throat. But of the LUSH products that I have tried this is the one that I will always repurchase. It smells clean and fresh but adds a small amount of oil or “butter” to the bath that leaves my skin feeling so silky smooth.

The idea of a LUSH bath this evening is making me so excited. I only shower at when I am at uni and avoid the bath altogether for hygiene reasons, the idea of using a bath in a student house wouldn’t make me feel clean! So for me going home means seeing my family and dog, a bed where I can’t feel the springs and a nice hot bath.

Hope you all have a nice relaxing evening xx


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