Chic Backgrounds

Chic Backgrounds


A few weeks ago now I had an unfortunate incident with my phone in my back pocket and a trip to the toilet…you can probably guess how that ended. And after over a week without a mobileĀ (not something I would wish on anyone!) I finally got a new iPhone. Well, it’s actually exactly the same as my old phone, it just works.

So while my beautiful phone case is still the same as before (thankfully that did survive) I have been enjoying changing up my backgrounds and screensaver images. I tend to go for something light and fresh, especially for Spring, and pretty minimal. My current lockscreen which say CHIC HAPPENS is my favourite. It’s cute and pretty and totally matches my blog.


And speaking of matching I have also matched my phone and laptop backgrounds to this beautiful palm print. I love how this looks on both!

I have been finding all these beautiful backgrounds on the incredible world that it Pinterest. Just when I thought that website couldn’t actually get any better or more addictive. Just search background and whatever style you are looking for to find some beautiful, free images. I’ve started to make a board of my personal favourites which you can check out here. Hope you enjoy! xx


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