The Cutest Summer Bag

The Cutest Summer Bag


I like to think of this purchase as an upgrade to a very similar handbag that I used almost everyday last Summer. The previous one was from Primark in an almost identical shade but more of a satchel style. For ¬£6 it was a total bargain, but sadly by the end of the Summer the thread was unravelling and there were some black scuff marks that weren’t going to come off.


I think I spotted this one on the Mango website (my favourite store right now) quite a while ago. And this colour that I wanted must have been out of stock at the time because I clicked remind me when back in stock and then forgot about it. So when I got a surprise email from Mango to let me know the bag was available it was love at first sight all over again! And this time I did manage to get it!


I think this has to be the smallest bag that I own, hence the cutest. But despite it being so tiny I can still fit everything I need in here. And it is actually quite refreshing knowing I am only carrying around the bare essentials and not half my bedroom like I usually do! I love the silver hardware and the lovely chain strap but it is honestly the colour of the bag that had me sold. The bag is described as pastel blue, but it looks a little grey as well. The colour is really unique yet will still go with nearly everything in my wardrobe. I also feel like it adds a little bit of colour rather than a black or white handbag, but that is just because I only really wear neutrals!


The lock mechanism has to be opened at the bottom and then the flap pops outs. Its a little more complicated than a regular popper and sometimes a bit of a struggle if you only have one hand, but it feels sturdy and looks pretty.


I am so in love with this beautiful bag right now and can’t wait to start using it even more as the weather gets warmer. It’s so chic and simple and I feel the design, details and colour make it look much more luxurious.

Cross-Body Small Bag РMango 

Speak soon xx



    • kpenney17
      May 2, 2016 / 1:26 pm

      I usually carry around a lot of stuff too! Hopefully this little one will keep me from carrying so much unnecessary rubbish! xx

    • kpenney17
      May 2, 2016 / 1:25 pm

      Aww thank you xx

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