Clinique Skincare

Clinique Skincare

This is another post that I have been meaning to write for so long! But I guess the fact that it is probably nearly two months after I took these photos, and I still want to talk about these products means they really are that good!
Sadly, unlike a lot of my friends, I was not one of those people who was blessed with the genetics of perfect skin. My skin is something that I have had issues with ever since I started Secondary School and I still have some problems with now. I can’t even being to imagine how many skincare products I have tried from so many different brands, all claiming to left my skin perfectly clear, and most leaving me pretty disappointed.
Clinique is a brand pretty well known for their skincare, with products that a lot of people (including some of my “perfect skin” friends) swear by. I first came across the Clinique anti-blemish solution over a year ago now after it was recommended by my doctor. At £20 for a little bottle of gel, it seems a little expensive. I thought the same when I first look the plunge and bought it. But this is one of the few products in my skincare routine that I use almost everyday and have continued to repurchase ever since.
Thankfully for my purse, a little bit of this really does go a long way. Particularly if you have fairly sensitive skin like I do, you don’t want to be using too much of this stuff. When I first used it I thought I needed it on every single spot I had, so I literally slathered it all over my face, which just left my face feeling very tight! I have found that the best way to use this is after my cleanser and toner, morning and night on specific spots. And then if I have a particularly nasty one I will reapply this a couple of times throughout the day too. What I really love about this is as soon as I start to feel a spot coming I can apply this a few times during the day and often the spot will disappear without ever coming to the surface!
The Clinique dramatically different moisturiser is something that is slightly newer to my skincare routine. Not long ago while I was really trying to get rid of my acne I was using a moisturiser for spot prone skin that wasn’t actually particularly moisturising. I thought that the best way to get rid of my spots was to dry my skin out. And to some extent that does work, to get rid of a spot you want to dry it out, you just don’t want to dry your whole face out in the process! Especially if you have dry/combination skin like myself.
One of my best friends who I am currently living with swears by this moisturiser (and most things from Clinique). So when last Winter I was complaining about my skin feeling really dry she let me use her bottle of this for a few days. And it only took a few days for me to be completely sold and go and buy myself  a bottle. This is just the nicest moisturiser than I have used. It doesn’t smell weird, its so easy to apply and feels really lovely. It sinks into my skin quickly and feels moisturising without being greasy. And on top of all that I also find that it is the perfect base moisturiser underneath makeup.
Let me know if you have tried either of these products or if you have any other favourite products from Clinique.

Speak soon xx


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  1. startingtheparty
    April 29, 2016 / 5:10 pm

    I have Clinque’s “Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss” in 10 Grapefruit and 02 Raspberry, and they really make your lips glossy without drying them out. They’re the only Clinique products I own!

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