Three Years

Three Years


So I will try not to make this too soppy, but as this is more of a lifestyle blog I thought it would be okay to mention it.

So today is mine and my boyfriend, Jack’s 3 year anniversary. How crazy is that?!
I still remember when we walked to the park together after school and he had plucked up the courage to ask me if even though we were close to exams I wanted to be his girlfriend! I had braces and we were both so shy and awkward!

I’m so lucky to have someone that has stuck by me through the highs and the lows of the last 3 years. And even though he is miles away and right now I can only see him every few weeks while we are at uni, he is always just a text or a phone call away. So thank you technology!

Can’t wait to get through our exams so we can spend a Summer together – even though we will both be working in London! As is life!

Speak soon xx


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