Bombers and Backpacks

Bombers and Backpacks


To celebrate the end of term, multiple finished deadlines and finally getting to leave my desk I went with a group of my course mates on a day trip in the May sunshine. After nearly two years I finally left the city of Manchester to explore some surrounding areas in the North – and it was beautiful. The little town we went to was called Knutsford, where we spend the day wondering the cobbled streets, sitting in cafes and picnicing by the lake in the most amazing park.

One of the perks of being about with a group of fashion students, all with their own blogs (which I will leave linked below) is that a photoshoot was bound to happen!


I have been meaning to share this bomber jacket on my blog ever since I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and with these lovely pictures taken by my friends Maddie and Vicky, I finally get the chance. This is actually the first thing that I have ever ordered from Miss Guided! I know, considering how often I shop online I can’t quite get my head around it either! ¬†But bomber jackets are really having a moment right now, and I wanted to join the trend but with something a bit different to the typical khaki and black Topshop bomber jackets that everyone seems to have.

It was the colour that first caught my eye of this jacket, the beautiful mauve that actually looks almost lilac. Perfect for Spring and adding a feminine touch to a more masculine style jacket. The other thing that I really love about this jacket is the two tone fabrics, the satin and then more of a crepe fabric on the top half of the jacket. It’s a lovely extra detail that makes this bomber feel a little bit different.

I have been wearing this a lot recently while the weather is still trying to decide if it is going to let us have a lovely hot Summer!


What I am wearing:

Bomber jacket – Miss Guided
Jeans – Topshop
Cami – River Island
Backpack – Accessorize
Trainers – Adidas (Stan Smiths)
Sunglasses – H&M


These are actually my favourite shoes right now, and I am not proud to admit that I have bought a few pairs of shoes recently! These are just so comfy and cool and I just love how they make an outfit look really casual for Summer. I just hope I can keep them this white forever!

Links to my friends blogs:



I am actually writing this from home (Kent) as I came back on Sunday to revise, before going back up to Manchester for my exams. It is so lovely to be back, although not so lovely to be spending most of the time sat at my desk working. And after a beautiful day like this on Saturday I can’t wait for Summer, and day trips like this in the sunshine. Maybe I won’t even need to wear my jacket by then!

But for now I need to apologies once again for not being as active on my blog as I would like to be. But thank you for staying with my while I get through coursework deadlines, and right now my exams.

Speak soon xx


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