L’occitane Freebies

L’occitane Freebies


A couple of weeks ago my friend forwarded me an email about a free L’occitane gift set when you give your email address. And while, if I am honest I am not a huge fan of giving my email address to brands. I already receive what feels like hundreds of emails a day trying to sell me the latest collection of something or other, that I just don’t bother reading anymore! But this way I got a free beauty gift – and I’m not one to say no to that!


So after picking up my free Nero coffee with O2 Priority (student life!) I collected my little box of L’occitane minis. The travel set came in the most beautiful packaging, with four little travel products inside. The one that I noticed first was the little hand cream as I actually tried this one not too long ago and really loved it. This tube is even smaller though and I am going to try and save this one for when I am using clutch bags as I think it will be perfect for that.

But my favourite of the four would have to be the little yellow tub of face cream. It’s very thick and incredibly moisturising so I have only been using this once or twice a week as to not clog up my pores. My skin isn’t actually too dry at the moment anyway. But the morning after using this my skin just feels so lovely and plump! It also smells really luxurious and a little bit goes a really long way so I still have a fair amount of this left.

I am yet to try the shampoo and shower gel. I think that I will probably save them for my holiday this Summer. Although that said I am slightly more sceptical to try the shampoo for some reason. But maybe this will be a good one for every one to two weeks just to strip back all the other product build up.


Let me know if you have tried any L’occitane products that you love. It is still a brand that I am quite new too, but I think they do some lovely things that would make really good presents.

Speak soon xx


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