Revision Breaks

Revision Breaks


And award for the most boring blogpost title goes to…me! Apologies! Revision (and hardly leaving the house) has actually started to turn my brain to mush. Not a good thing to be saying a couple of days before my first exam! Anyway, I thought I would step away from my coloured pens and spider diagrams to share some things that are actually keeping me sane right now!


Green smoothies! I know I wouldn’t have guessed it either. My aim of being more healthy has now lead to me drinking something that looks a bit like pond algae! But while some forms of algae are apparently good for you I haven’t gone that far yet! This one actually tastes good, promise. It’s a kale, banana and kiwi smoothie with a little bit of honey for sweetness. Poured over some ice and with a matching green straw this has started to replace my afternoon iced caramel coffee! And my mum loves it too!


Was so sweet to find these waiting in my bedroom when I got home from uni last week! My family are just the cutest!


Another attempt to be a little healthier! Salads that actually leave me more full than a sandwich have been my favourite lunch recently. Just a lot of fresh green leaves, some cheese, parma ham and some salad dressing. Super quick to make and really yummy.


How cute are my little cacti candles that my mum got for me? I love candles and cacti, so it really is a match made in heaven. They also smell really good, but sadly they are only tiny so they didn’t last very long.

I feel like I should stop procrastinating and get back to revision again! By the end of next week my exams will all be over and I can get back to spending more time on my blog. I can’t wait to get writing some more frequent posts on here.

Speak soon xx


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