Elephant by Estella

Elephant by Estella


I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my new favourite piece of jewellery. An elephant of course! My little sister got this for me a couple of weeks ago, after she saw it an knew how much I would love it!

Yesterday I had a huge jewellery sort out, getting rid of a lot of pieces that I just wasn’t really wearing anymore. I found that I am less into big chunky jewellery and wearing a lot more delicate pieces. This new necklace definitely fits that trend. It’s beautiful, but a little different to a heart or something which I love. And I find that the pendent style is slightly longer which works really well with camis.

I also always used to consider myself to be more of a gold jewellery wearer however over the last few months I seem to be all about the gold. I think it is beautiful my watch which I got for my 18 birthday is gold so I feel it works nicely is all my other jewellery is gold too. And I have a couple of beautiful gold rings which I love wearing as well.


This necklace is from a brand called Estella Bartlett which has always been one of my favourite jewellery brands. They sell gorgeous delicate pieces for a really reasonable price. I often see her jewellery on sale in pretty boutique stores but you can also check out the website here.

I really can’t get over how cute this little elephant is. Expect to see a lot more of this on my blog! xx




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