Sleek Contour Kit

Sleek Contour Kit


Eyebrows and contouring are the big makeup trends at the moment, yet for me seem to be as difficult to get right as the perfect winged eyeliner. To be honest though I prefer a more natural brow to a thick pointy arched one, and I would rather achieve a subtle contour with a bit of bronzer than the full Kim K chiseled cheekbones.

However there is a new makeup trend that I am really loving right now, strobing. Labelled as the “new contouring” strobing is basically highlighting, illuminating features for a glowing, dewy look. It gives the skin a beautiful healthy finish and is a lot easier to master than contouring! For some strobing inspo click here!


I actually bought this palette from Sleek a while ago when contouring was at its peak and I wanted to try it out for myself. It didn’t work out. I don’t know if the shade in this palette wasn’t right or I was just too heavy handed, but I was left with a face that just looked a bit dirty! I actually bought the medium shade so maybe the light would have worked best for me. However I think the highlight also changes shade and I do love the highlight in this palette.

So failing to give me the cheekbones I wanted this palette got pushed to the back of my makeup drawers and forgotten for a while. That was until I started to hear about strobing, and remembered that this palette didn’t just have a contour shade but also a highlight.

What I really love about this highlight is that it doesn’t have any actual glitter in. So when I use it my skin glows with a subtle shimmer not sparkles like a disco ball. It is easy to apply and lasts basically until I take my makeup off that evening.

While the contour shade in the palette is just not for me I do really love this highlight. It is such a shame that it comes in this set and a lot of the palette is for the contour, as I would love to be able to buy this separately. I really am loving highlight at the moment, it has become a must in my makeup routine now. So if you have any good highlight recommendations please leave them in the comments below.

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