Summer Showers

Summer Showers


It is hard to believe that it is Summer with all this rubbish weather that we are having! And even though it is raining pretty much everyday it is also really humid, which makes knowing what to wear in the morning a little difficult. So I thought I would share an outfit I wore the other day when I went up to see the Summer Exhibition and we got some typical British weather!


For those days when I am feeling fairly uninspired and have no idea what to wear, I find stripes are a good option. A simple pair of denim jeans and a navy and white striped top is stylish but classic. What doesn’t help is that even once I have decided to wear stripes I have about 10 different striped tops (which to most would look identical!) to then choose from. However this one from Joules is usually my favourite. It is simple and flattering with the crew neckline and 3/4 sleeves.

The coat I am wearing is one that I have had for years. But I think a good khaki parka is another classic piece. This one is perfect for that humid weather as it is thin, but slightly showerproof. I also love rolling the sleeves up to show the striped top underneath and tie the whole outfit together.


The mix of rain and humidity also does some not too great things to my hair. It can get pretty frizzy and all my baby hair starts curling into ringlets at the front! This is one of my favourite hairstyles at the moment and perfect for this weather. This half up waterfall braid style is actually really easy to do and I love how it brings out the highlights in my hair.


Finally I accessorised as usually with some delicate gold jewellery. Although I took a break from my favourite elephant necklace for this beautiful flower pendant. It felt slightly bohemian which I though matched the hairstyle and added something extra to the simple, preppy outfit.

But despite this post and how much I loved wearing this outfit, fingers crossed for some better weather. I want to get my shorts and sundresses out please! xx


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