Olympus PEN

Olympus PEN


Since I started blogging back in 2013 I have been lucky enough to use my dad’s Canon 400D. I am no photography expert but it is an amazing DSLR camera and perfect for taking blog photos. However for me there have been two limitations of using this camera. 1) It’s large and pretty heavy – meaning I don’t often take it out with me. 2) It doesn’t video.

For a long time now I have wanted to invest into my own camera, to buy into something that videos and is a lot more transportable. As I have said before my photography knowledge is fairly limited, and I am yet to take a photography course although it is on my list. So I needed something that would be fairly simple to use, yet still give me the quality photos that I was looking for.


I fell in love with this camera as soon as I started to see it being featured by bloggers and popping up on my Instagram feed. It’s a compact camera, with a screen that opens downwards and has several different photography settings as well as video. It is also white and beautiful, and being no camera expert this was what initially drew me in!

Advertised as the ultimate blogger camera, the Olympus PEN EPL-7 really is the full package. It allows moments to be captured on the go in perfect quality, when a DSLR would be less than practical. It also has very high video sound quality for a compact camera. And finally the touch screen which opens downwards is perfect for “selfie” taking, which I will admit I will occasionally be using this for!


I am so exciting to start learning more and using this beautiful camera. Particularly as I managed to get hold of the last one in my local John Lewis just before I am going on holiday in a couple of days. So I think I might try and take some videos as well as photos! Watch this space! xx


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