So I really need to apologise for the infrequent posts. Life in my new job is pretty exciting at the moment, but also very busy. And while I don’t want to give a load of excuses, I am still trying to adjust and sort out my time management. Lets just say say that having a full time job is very different to being a student!

Anyway, I am back with another Marrakech post. At this rate my one 5 day holiday could drag out on my blog for the whole of Summer. I should probably start thinking about writing some different posts in between.

The photo above is probably one of my favourite photos that I forced my boyfriend to take on the trip. I find the white aesthetics and flowers very pleasing (and fitting with my Instagram theme!). But I have day old curls (my favourite as they drop to beautiful loose waves), my sunglasses are hiding the bags under my eyes and I love this dress.


On this day we wondered the souks and then explored this beautiful secret garden in the middle of town. As I mentioned in my last post the amount of detail that is put into everything here is amazing. This garden took years and years to build, which is obvious when you walk around. We sat in a little building looking on to the garden and had the best mint tea I tried in Marrakech (and we had a fair amount of mint tea!).


I bought this dress last year but it is still one of my favourites for summer. It’s the perfect piece to throw on, but as it is a shirt dress in still looks fairly smart. And it has a lining which means there are no underwear issues!

Dress – Mango
Sunglasses – H&M
Watch – Nixon


It was amazing to see so much green in a place that I though would be so dry. And I love all the different palms and cacti!


The aesthetic of the teal tiles and white furniture is beautiful. It feels very summery and bohemian.

I have so many posts that I want to write, not just about Marrakech, but about my new job, beauty bits I’m loving and some recent purchases. Hopefully this weekend I can dedicate some time to a bit of a catch up session, but for now thank you for staying with me.

Speak soon xx


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