Travel Treasures

Travel Treasures


Today I really wanted to share some of the beautiful treasures that I picked up on my recent holiday to Marrakech. Marrakech is well known for its amazing souks and hand crafted treasures. Wherever you turned there was something new to look at, and Jack and I had the best time wondering the souks, chatting to the locals and even doing a bit of haggling!

I found the whole trip to Marrakech so inspiring, how humble and happy everyone we spoke to was and the beautiful detail that they put into everything they make. I was just in awe of the stunning interiors of so many of the places that we went, including the riad that we stayed in. For me it was a little like my decor inspiration on Pinterest coming to life! So I was so happy to pick up a few bits to bring back home with me.

One of the things I was desperate to get my hands on was a white pouf. Random? Yes. Necessary? Also yes! I had seen a few of these on Pinterest and Instagram and just love how they look. I could picture it in the corner of my bedroom with a few magazines on top! There were so many places that did beautiful leather poufs, but it was made slightly hard by the fact that I already had an image in my head of exactly what I wanted. We found a place that did a lovely white pouf, but I had to explain that it was a little bigger than what I was looking for. So he took me around the corner to his friends shop where I found exactly what I wanted!

I am so happy with how this looks in my bedroom, it brings a slightly bohemian, Moroccan touch to the bedroom which I love.


If you have been reading my blog for a while or know me personally then you will know that I have a bit of a thing for scraves, particularly Pashminas. There was a point when I probably had about 70 scarves (yes, you have read that correct!). Now, after a big clear out, I probably have a more manageable 20. But that didn’t stop me from picking up this beautiful white pashmina. I can picture wearing this when in gets a little colder with some skinny jeans, a little grey knit jumper and some pretty flats.

Another accessory that I couldn’t resist was this stunning leather clutch. A lot of the shops in Marrakech sold fairly similar goods, in fact almost identical pieces from shop to shop. But this particular shop sold beautiful leather bags and pouches like nothing I had seen anywhere else. If I had taken more money with me I could have bought everything in this shop, it was my style down to a tea. However when I spotted this grey suede clutch with metallic details and tassel I knew it was the one. I can’t wait to wear this on special occasions, but for now it is on display on one of the shelves in my bedroom.

The Moroccan slippers where a bit of a random purchase, and honestly I am not sure how much wear that I will get out of them! But they are so beautiful and intricate and I think that they look lovely displayed on my pouf! I bought these from a lovely man that Jack and I spent a bit of time chatting to so I love the memories behind these too.

And finally I got myself a little jewellery box with mother of pearl detailing that are sold all over Marrakech. I actually already have a larger one of these in my bedroom which I got a few years ago from the stalls in Egypt. But I think these are so pretty and add a lovely bit of detail to a shelf.


This bracelet however is probably the most special piece from the trip, bought for me by my lovely boyfriend. It is just my perfect piece of jewellery, a delicate mix of elegant and slightly bohemian. I also love the back story that goes behind this.

We were looking in a really cool shop that sold vintage cameras and little nic nacks, when the shop keeper said that we must visit his friends place. I am not going to lie, I was a little nervous, particularly as the place that he took us wasn’t really a shop. But when we went inside it was just amazing, more like a museum really. It was two floors holding the most beautiful collection of piece from large vases, to mirrors, to costume jewellery and everything inbetween. Every space was taken up with a beautiful treasure, so that it would have taken days just to look at everything properly. The guy told us how it wasn’t really a shop but a place that was only really open to collectors.

He encouraged us to pick something out (of course!) however I was worried as I knew we were in somewhere that was way over our budget. We had come on the morning of the last day on our holiday and still need food for the rest of the day and money for the airport. In the end after what I would say was more explaining our financial situation that haggling, we were given this for a very discounted rate!

This piece is just so special to me and will forever remind me of the amazing holiday that we had.


So I hoped that you enjoyed seeing the treasures that I picked up from Marrakech. There is actually one more thing that I bought however I have not put it up yet so I am going to wait until then to share it on here. Hope that you have had a lovely weekend.

Speak soon xx


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