What I Got For My Birthday

What I Got For My Birthday


And I’m back…just under a month later! I am such a awful blogger, but I’m back with a really exciting post. I have finally left my teens! I say finally, but really I was quite emotional about the whole thing. I do not feel ready to be a proper adult!


But “What I got for my birthday” posts and videos are some of my favourite to read/watch, so I have put together a little one of my own. As always a little disclaimer, I am not trying to brag about anything. I was incredibly lucky this year to get some really stunning gifts. Mostly white and pastel as my family and friends obviously know me very well!


My my little sister I got this stunning white little tray, which I am sure you will be seeing a lot more of on here as it will be so useful for blog photos. I got a few candles, all white and all smell divine. I light a candle almost every night before bed, especially as it gets darker and colder so I cannot wait to start burning these. And then I got some absolutely stunning jewellery from some of my favourite places, Estella Bartlett and Accessorize, featuring some of my favourite things, stars and elephants!


Estella Bartlett do some of my favourite jewellery pieces. Everything is so delicate and beautifully made, but they also do some lovely cute designs. And after a long love affair with gold I am really getting back in to wearing silver jewellery.


And I couldn’t not show you a close up of these absolutely adorable elephant earrings. I know that my elephant obsession is a little crazy, but these are just the cutest. And still so delicate and subtle.


Displaying all of my new beautiful white candles on my tray. The little one at the front is made in Sevenoaks, my little home town! And I am actually burning the big glass jar one from Next as I write this post – it smells divine.


Of course I was lucky enough to get some lovely bath bits. My little sister got me the Body shop products as she knows the shea butter scent is my favourite. And at the moment it is a little too hot but when it gets colder I can’t wait to start having bubble baths with this huge bottle of Sanctuary Spa!


A little treat from The White Company…one of my favourite shops of all time.


My girls at uni were so generous. And they obviously know me so well! I got the softest and most comfy pair of lounge pants, and they are grey and white striped with lace trim; very me! And the pastel pink pouch feels so luxury and beautiful made.


And some lovely home bits. How pretty is this little mug? I’m going to keep this one by my bed and use it for my green tea before I go to bed.



And finally a couple of books. As I am working in London I would really love to try and tick off some of the places in this really cute book my John Sykes. And then a Vogue colouring book! I actually really love colouring in the evening before bed while I watch some Netflix. It’s so therapeutic and relaxing.

So I hope that you enjoyed having a little peak at some of the presents I got for my birthday! I was incredibly lucky this year. So sorry I seem to have taken a little bit of a break from blogging at the moment. I’m finding it hard to find the time to create the posts that I want to write. But hopefully soon things will have calmed down here and I will get back into more of a routine.

But I hope you are all well and enjoying a lovely Summer. Speak soon xx



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