A Special Present

A Special Present


I have a bit of a special birthday present (presents!) to share with you today. In my previous post I shared with you most of what I got for my birthday. And as if I wasn’t already lucky enough, I was really spoilt by my lovely boyfriend this year. I guess it is because he knowns me so well, but he has always been the best at present buying. And this year he truly outdid himself with some really special gifts.


So the first thing that he got me was this gorgeous dainty silver knot ring. I think he got his inspiration for this from my Pinterest account as I have pinned a silver knot bangle very similar to this! Definite boyfriend points there I think! This is so perfect though and goes with all the silver jewellery that I have been wearing recently (including my new watch – post coming soon).


I just love how understated and delicate this is, it’s just beautiful. And I have worn it pretty much everyday since. It’s by a brand called Margot and Mila that I had not heard of before. But they sell lovely handmade product product here in London that are so reasonably priced. And you can find them on their own website or on Etsy.


And I was well and truly spoilt as this was the other present from Jack. An original copy of Vogue from when I was born (Aug 1996). And he had it framed in a lovely cream shabby chic style frame which went straight up onto my bedroom wall. This is such a thoughtful and unusual gift, perfect for anyone that loves fashion. But also something that I am going to keep and treasure forever and take with me wherever I move.

So thank you to my lovely boyfriend Jack for these beautiful gifts. I can only hope that I will do as well for his 21st coming up in a month! (Any ideas please leave below)!

Speak soon xx


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