Jacket of Dreams

Jacket of Dreams


More frequently, probably due to the tremendous amount of fashion magazines and blogs that I read, I have an item that I am wishing for stuck in my head. It’s probably based on a designer item I have seen that I am trying to find a dupe of for a fraction of the price. But either way having an image of the “perfect” item stuck in my head makes be incredibly fussy. I’ve probably already decided the colour, fabric and length, basically exactly how the piece should be, and how it should look on me! And usually it can take years to find! Does anyone else have this problem of is it just me!?

Going into each new season I usually have a little mental list of items that I want to buy into. Right now for example I’m on the hunt for a pair of grey wool shorts, some brown leather ankle boots and a printed silk square scarf. But a piece that have been on my list for years (no exaggeration) was a beige aviator jacket. Basically the ACNE STUDIOS one, but without the £2000 price tag! And every year when coat season came around I would search in every store for my dream jacket.


That was until Zara! Beside from being my favourite shop just for all clothing (although particularly Winter I find), Zara are amazing at creating dupes for designer pieces, something in just a couple of weeks after they have been on the Catwalk.

After the most amazing trip to London Fashion Weekend with my mum we decided to pop into the beautiful Zara in Sloane Square just to have a little browse around. And it really is such a beautiful store that I really recommend! When I first walked in I started spotting a couple of aviator jackets. The first was in a lovely light grey however it was longer that I was looking for. The second was small and thin and in an orangey beige…and the third was perfect.

And they had one left in my size! So I tried it on straight away and it fit like a shearling lined, super cosy glove. The price tag was a little high (although nothing compared to the £2000 ACNE one!), so obviously I completely forgot the fact that I DO NOT need another Winter coat/jacket and bought it! Zara also have this amazing way of changing their stock almost completely every couple of weeks so that if you see something you buy it straight away as you don’t know if it will even be on sale in a weeks time!


I’ve managed to find the exact jacket on the Zara website incase you also want to treat yourself to something snuggly for Winter as well!

Suede Effect and Fleecy Jacket 


So here I am, with the jacket of my dreams. Just hoping the weather gets very cold, very soon. Recently I’ve actually been hanging it on the back of my cupboard so that I can admire it just before I go to bed! Sad, I know! But in a way I feel proud and like it is a huge accomplishment that I have finally found something that I have been dreaming up for years!

Maybe I need to get out more…or just go back to Zara and see if they have anymore dreamy items in store that I need for Winter!

Speak soon



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