South of France

South of France


A couple of weeks ago I took a short holiday (my first time off work in 3 months), to Aix En Provence in the South of France to visit my boyfriend Jack and to celebrate his 21st. For this year while I am working at ASOS Jack is also taking a year out of university to study Economic in France, and yes, in French! So we are back to long distance again, but special holidays like these make the months between seeing each other go a little quicker.

Apart from a few Instagram posts I didn’t do any blogging and wasn’t particularly active on social media. It gave me a chance to just switch off from the world and the fast paced life working in London and just spend some quality time with Jack. But as the South of France was so beautiful I did take a few pictures so I thought I would pull some of the nicest together and share them with you.


I had the most wonderful week hiking, swimming in the sea, sunning on the beach, shopping and exploring beautiful little towns and markets. And of course eating, most of the holiday was based around food! We had ice creams, incredible bagels, lots of pasta and bread and cheese. Not the healthiest of weeks, but we did a lot of walking so in my head it was all justified.

On my first day we went hiking along some beautiful coastline with white cliffs and turquoise sea. And then we walked down and found a lovely little cove where everyone was swimming, it was just magical.


I’m now back at home, what feels like a million miles away from my holiday in the South of France. I’m tucked up in bed wearing fluffy socks and clutching a tea for warmth. In the week that I was away Summer most definitely came to an end and everything is feeling very Autumnal.

I am actually lucky enough to be going on another holiday next week with my family, and hopefully catching one last bit of sun!

Speak soon xx


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